So apparently an update every three months is all I can manage this year. Oh well. I’ll console myself by pretending that while I’m not blogging I’m doing More Important Things.

Here is one thing that’s actually important: it’s Clarion West season again! A new crop of 18 up-and-coming SF writers have taken residence in their “secret” location in Seattle, and are now one week closer to earning their SF decoder rings.

My corroded decoder ring.

It’s an emotional time for me. It’s been five years since I went to CW, and my decoder ring has lost its shine. Literally. It was made of some cheap metal and it’s rusted now. It used to light up, but I guess its battery has died. Which is 100% NOT to say that CW is a cheap experience or that it doesn’t hold up. One has only to look at the successes of some of my classmates (most notably J. M. Sidorova and Randy Henderson–seriously, look out for these two writers) to know that the workshop knows what it’s doing.

So maybe some of us (me) haven’t succeeded as much as we’d hoped to by now. And maybe some of us like to get inappropriately morose about it at public events. I won’t name any names. That’s really not my point. (Do I have a point? Where did that thing go?)

My point is that I am once again supporting the workshop by participating in the Write-a-thon! You should sponsor me. You’ll be helping a terrific organization, and I’ll send you a postcard too.

Enough of that. Let’s focus on the positive:

• I have a four-week break coming up from the dayjob that has been my major excuse for not writing like I should. Hoo f-ing rah!

• In the first week of the Write-a-thon I’ve written about 1000 words of a new story. More importantly, I’ve written before work every day this week (though clearly not too productively).

• After Death WON the Bram Stoker Award it was nominated for! Congratulations, editor Eric J. Guignard, and thank you for including my story in your award-winning book. That feels nice.

• I’ve signed the contract and been paid and reviewed galleys, so this feels secure enough to announce: My story, “Diary of a Pod Person,” will appear in the October issue of Asimov’s! This is pretty huge for me. Asimov’s is the sort of market that I figured I would never be “SF” enough for. And my story that’s in it isn’t exactly the hardest SF in the world. But it’s in, and that feels like some kind of acceptance.

• A couple more stories are loose in the world; more on those later.