The newest issue of The Colored Lens is out, and it has a me story in it!

This is one of my oldest SF stories, written while in my MFA program, submitted to Clarion West as an application story, revised a zillion or more times (or, like, five). For most of this story’s existence it was the story without an acceptable ending: first it was the ill-fitting happy ending, then the much-too-dark depressing ending. No one who read it could figure out how to bring it to a close. Have I succeeded this time? You be the judge.

The story after mine in the issue is by my Clarion West sister Kris Millering. It was also the story she submitted for application. I just read it and it made me a little teary. I’m pleased that our stories live in adjacent rooms in this magazine, just like we did in that big old sorority house.

Anyway, go buy the issue. It’s $2.99, and her story alone is worth that. Consider mine (and all the rest) an added bonus.