photo: AHLN / Flickr
This might make a good illustration for the story that has hijacked my brain again. Can you believe I tried to write about people’s physical size being dependent on their esteem WITHOUT a monster rampage? Silly.


Hello, friends! I am once again doing Clarion West’s write-a-thon, because peer pressure.

Just kidding. It’s an amazing organization, and now more than ever we need to band together to fund such things. You can sponsor me here, and if you donate more than $15 I’ll send you one of my famous story postcards. What is that, you say? Well, one of the first housekeeping things I took care of this write-a-thon was to make a page for all of them. You can see them at There were more than I remembered!

But because writing is HARD when you work full-time for a newspaper and are in the middle of some (minor) renovations on your new house and also need to spend at least some time with your husband and cat and you have to get to roller derby practice because slamming into people while wearing roller skates is cheaper than therapy and it’s finally summer in Seattle so you also need to be outside as much as possible… the write-a-thon is almost half over already!

So this is also a progress report. How am I doing? Here’s the annotated list of things I said I was going to do:

• Add a year’s worth of old travel writing, book reviews, and other junk to the blog. (at least 2 posts per week) I’m on track for this one, so far. I’ve added 5 re-posts of articles I wrote for the newspaper to the blog. Now for bonus points I must remember how easy this was and do it at the time from here on out. Next up, travel writing!

• Um, actually submit some fiction for once? (at least 1 per week) Nope, haven’t even thought about doing this.

• Write and post new postcard stories. (at least 3 per week) I’ve drafted four of these, but haven’t inked them or posted them. So I’m a little behind. 

• Organize postcard stories on website. These are probably the most distinctive fiction I write, sadly, and they’re hard to find. DONE!

• Work on current WIP, a murder mystery set in a school full of invisible teenagers. This had been last year’s goal too, upsettingly. At that time I thought it was a short story, but it wasn’t. It’s a damn YA novel. On the bright side, I did “finish” it last year. Too bad I have to “finish” it again. I haven’t started on this yet, because a short story that I thought was finished told me it needed ANOTHER new ending. This makes four. Hopefully I can finish this up soon and submit it and get back on track with the novel! 

• If that doesn’t work, I have two other unfinished/abandoned novels I half-heartedly want to finish/update.

Midway through, this isn’t looking as bad as it feels. AND, I’ve been lax because I have no sponsors to answer to as of yet. If you sponsor me, I bet I’ll work harder on this stuff. 🙂